A culinary adventure

On this trip you will be guided by an English speaking chef who knows all about the local ingredients, the local specialties and the most appealing food combinations the region has to offer.

The tour starts in Luang Prabang where you visit, next to the highlights of the area, organic farms and a buffalo farm. You help out and prepare your own meals, enjoy picnic lunches near temples and on boats and meet the local people at their homes to “steal” their recipes they guard for generations.

You continue your flight to Cambodia and walk through Phnom Penh, see the local markets and learn all about the spices. Help out in the paddy fields in Kampong Chhnang and cycle the backroads of Siem Reap in search of great picnic spots and cook with the locals your lunch and dinner.

Throughout the tour you meet chefs and other food-related professionals who show you the fine touch of the local food. Not only food, but also local drinks will be savored. Local beer breweries and infused rice wine excursions give you a great insight to the local drinking culture.

Out till late at night, cheering, eating and sharing stories on the street, at local people’s homes and in specialty restaurants… We cannot make it much more cheerful than this!

Length of Tour: 14 days. The tour can be extended with a visit to the Mekong Delta for example where we can learn more about the Vietnamese kitchen. Of course we could end at the beach in front of Cambodia’s coast for a few days relaxation.  

Outline of the tour

Day 01

Arrive in Luang Prabang, meet the chef and partake in a Baci Ceremony

Day 02

Cycle to Pak Ou and visit an organic farm along the way, lunch at the farm and return by boat

Day 03

 Hike around Kuangsi and picnic in the jungle, visit a buffalo farm and learn about Buffalo Milk

Day 04

Cycle the more secluded area of Wat Chomphet and eat at a monastery

Day 05

Fly to Siem Reap and learn all about rice wine and locally brewed beers

Day 06

Visit Angkor and picnic at a local person’s home, explore the villages and markets around Angkor

Day 07

Take part of a hands on cooking class in the countryside and help the locals in the field

Day 08

Enjoy a cycling ride to Roluos and Kampong Phluck, have lunch at a house on stilts

Day 09

Transfer to Kratie and visit Sambor Prei Kuk along the way, take a boat to Koh Trong

Day 10

Spend a day on Koh Trong, learning all about fresh fruit and the local way of farming

Day 11

Enjoy a cycling trip along the Mekong and see the Mekong dolphins

Day 12

Transfer to Phnom Penh and visit along the way Kampong Cham and try fried Tarantula

Day 13

Walk the back alleys of Phnom Penh, enjoy a cooking class and end the trip with a food tasting tour around Phnom Penh’s most atmospheric dine areas

Day 14

Morning optional visits to Tuol Sleng or Killing Fields and transfer to the airport

The unique aspects of this tour

  • Guided by a professional Chef
  • Very informative information about food and local spices
  • Catered and home-cooked meals at amazing locations
  • In close touch with the local communities
  • Observing and partaking in century-old farming techniques
  • Comfortable, fun and specific to your interest
  • The highlights of two countries in combination with everything food-related
  • Bring back home valuable knowledge and a skill

What does our expert say about this tour?

“This tour makes me smile. When I read this program I know how much fun there will be along the way when this program is traveled. Everywhere there are hidden surprises. I already imagine myself after a day in the field with the chef and some local people we met that day, sitting at a local restaurant and cheering with a local beer. The shrimps, the soup, the fresh vegetables being served and  we eat and laugh till late at night. That is what this kind of tour brings along; friendship, knowledge and fun. A tour like this is nowhere near the experience people would have when they have a general tour around any country. These activities and visits go very deep and really connect you with local life. The mutual respect between guest and host will be tremendous and on top of that you take something home that no one can ever take from you: knowledge to pleasantly surprise your friends and family at the dinner table!”

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