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    Myanmar - Let the journey begin

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    Vietnam – The Hidden Charm

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    Laos – Simply Beautiful

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    Cambodia – Kingdom of Wonder

What We Do

The essence of travel

People travel for different reasons and want to experience different things during their travels. There are so many options for people to choose from and to consider that at times the essence of travel is forgotten. According to Lolei Travel, the essence of travel needs to evolve around relaxation, appreciation and education. All of Lolei Travel’s tours have an educational aspect to it. We are sending you back home with more information and a higher level of appreciation.

We customize your travel program to your specific needs and listen first carefully to your wishes before we offer you our proposal. The essence of travel is more than following a concept. It is also listening to your needs and wishes. Lolei Travel submits to the pace of travel that you desire. We include the majestic sights that you have dreamed of and combine it with explorations beyond the beaten path. Doing this you will achieve a greater purpose of appreciation and learn more about the local customs and way of life. This is what we refer to as “the essence of travel”.

Customer Care

All of this is done with a personal touch. From the moment you contact us to the moment you reach your home safe and well, we will be there for you. During your travels, our Care People will follow you closely to ensure all is going well. We personally assist you in case adjustments need to be made just to ensure the remainder of your trip continues smoothly. Our care for our guests is great and we want you to feel safe and looked after during your trip.


With our local expertise, we can assist you in your planning and compliment your travel ideas. We do not forget your hosts either. We make sure that during your travels you have the opportunity to give back as much as possible. It is important to Lolei Travel that the people of Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia are also benefiting from your visit. This can happen in different ways:

  • By directly using services from the host
  • By sharing your knowledge with your host
  • By donating goods or funds to your host

That is why Lolei Travel hires around the region local guides and drivers who are not associated with larger companies. We offer these individuals the possibility to earn enough to care for their families. As a result, we work with a very dedicated team of individuals who all together have grown into a family. This is part of our vision and what we believe is the real “essence of travel”.

Local service providers

Lolei Travel aims to use local services as much as possible. We invest time and funds in the development of local communities and trust their ability to deliver the service. This does not necessarily mean that the service is delivered more simple than you expect. The experience we aim for is always at the best, most convenient and most comfortable standard we can provide. The service you enjoy during a tour has become more authentic. Lolei Travel believes that giving all people a fair chance is not only a charm of traveling; it is also our responsibility to spread the benefits of tourism to as many people as possible.