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    Vietnam – The Hidden Charm

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    Thailand – Amazing Thailand


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    Cambodia – Kingdom of Wonder

Where We Go

Southeast Asia - Cambodia


A rising star in the Southeast Asian region, Cambodia has greatly improved its image over the past decade. …


Southeast Asia - Laos


The sleeping giant that embraces Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia on the map, Laos is a beautiful …


Southeast Asia - Vietnam


Like Cambodia, Vietnam had its fair share of negative publicity in the West during the 60s and 70s. …


Southeast Asia - Thailand


For many of us, Thailand was the first country to visit in this region. And like many of you who have been …


Southeast Asia Destinations Myanmar


Myanmar is known to be one of the last frontiers in Southeast Asia. The country is also known as Burma, …


The destinations of Southeast Asia we offer

The destinations we serve in Southeast Asia are as old as the first maps drawn of the world. It is not the destinations that make Lolei Travel an intriguing choice to partner up with, it is the way we move you!

The Southeast Asia that we serve does not only offer a variety of incredible highlights that are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list. It also offers a unique culture and way of life, which is often left unexplored. At Lolei Travel we believe that in general tour programs lack the real highlights of traveling. To us this is exploring a different culture and interacting with the host. Lolei Travel’s programs do not only allow to witness the major attractions you know of and which may be your primary reason to visit, we also give an opportunity to explore a whole new culture. We invite you to indulge with the local people into an array of ceremonies, traditions and customs.

We live in one of the friendliest regions in the world and why should we not take “advantage” of that in the most beautiful way? The people of Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia will not only welcome you with a broad smile and open arms; they will care for you as you are their very own and enrich your understanding about local life with memories that last longer than any picture could ever last.

Each country offers an amazing array of cultural and natural highlights and Lolei Travel can put them together in the way you want to experience it. Add comfort, convenience and care and you have the trip of a lifetime. Tell us what you plan to see in Southeast Asia and let us do the rest for you!