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Incentive Travel in Southeast Asia

Lolei Travel is a specialist creating special tour packages for particular groups and incentives. As travel experts, we understand as well as you the importance of traveling as part of a reward. We offer reward trips to our own team as well. As a respected travel agent, we are actively engaged in the development of facilities for incentive travel in the region.

Incentive Travel - Dinner with show at Kravan Temple

The possibilities for Incentive Travel are endless in our region. In the big cities we can couple all kinds of activities with the existing entertainment, religious and historical highlights. However, also in the quaint areas we can create equally interesting experiences with attention to detail that is unrivaled. Lolei Travel will ensure the best value for money programs and search for the best accommodation suitable to the trip. Our team shares a great deal of expertise and has worked all over the region. Together with a group of specialists we have created extraordinary memories. Lolei Travel is proud to have some of the most creative brains in the office to make a rewarding trip a long-lasting memory!

Incentive programs we realized

Most special arrangements are available around the main hubs in the region. Lolei Travel ventures much further and creates exceptional activities on islands, in jungles or even at people’s homes. Over the years we have invested a great deal in researching the possibilities and hosted a number of groups. These groups ranged from 30 people to 500 people in one booking. A short list of these groups included the:

  • Renovation of a local school at Banteay Srei with 130 people
  • Organizing a meditation event for 500 people at Angkor Wat for 10 days
  • Guiding a group of 60 people on a cruise over the Mekong from Siem Reap to Saigon
  • Hosting two groups of 60 people of an Airline on a specialized journey from Bangkok to Saigon
  • Arranging all activities for a group of 60 European students for 10 days in Thailand and Cambodia
  • Making all arrangements for a wedding ceremony for 200 guests
  • Doing gala dinners at the temples of Angkor Wat for 250 guests
  • Having arranged a special trip for a group of dentists into the rural areas for free medical care to villagers
  • Creating from scratch a specialized travel program through Vietnam and Cambodia for 14 days for a Spiritual Group of 36 people with meditation and an off the beaten track experience

And many more! Lolei Travel understands that Incentive Travel is a reward to people working hard all year. We live in an area where the weather is almost never an issue. In addition to that, the prices are still reasonable in Southeast Asia. Not only seem the possibilities endless, it also lets your imagination speak for itself!

Incentive Travel and the community

Most importantly, when organizing such an event, Lolei Travel always thinks about the positive impact we can make on the local economy. It is important to us, to you as our client and to the community that money is spend wisely. As part of our own CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) commitment, we want to make sure every dollar spend is well spend and is rewarded in its own way.


Take your employees for half a day to install water filters in the community for example. You can also aim larger and donate a new community center to a poor village. It all costs much less than you may think. The benefits could also be greater than you can imagine. Of course for the host in the first place, but for you as well.

Lolei Travel is very creative in the proposal of events on special incentive trips for employees of your company. Many of you want to keep CSR in mind and we specialize in making that happen. Do something for your employees and let them do something for the local community. Allow us to analyze what the community needs and as a result everyone gets the best out of the experience. Therefore, pick our brain for unimaginable opportunities!