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Family Travel in Southeast Asia

An abundance of facilities for families with children of all ages have sprung up throughout the region in the past few years. As more places have become more conveniently accessible and are better connected, families also travel further into a destination. They even dare to travel more off the beaten tracks. Family travel has become one of the most desired travelers in Southeast Asia!

Lolei Travel doesn’t forget that also the elderly are part of the family. We understand that many families travel with their grand parents as well. Family travel is slow paced, convenient and has to meet the expectations of all generations joining the tour.

Family travel is a good combination of comfort, security and attractions. The type of vehicles used is of importance, and so is the guide’s choice. A good family-oriented guide can make travel much easier for the parents. And also much more enjoyable for the children and safer for the elderly. A good guide can do little games with the kids while visiting seemingly boring landmarks such as museums or temples. He or she can make a visit more interesting for children. A guide can help the grandparents moving easily from one place to another by recommending the right paths, attractions and even restaurants.

We at Lolei Travel all have families ourselves. We frequently travel with them throughout the region and know what it takes to ensure a great holiday for all members of the family.

Our pick for top family destinations in the region are:


Family Travel - Bangkok

Thailand’s capital is for many families the starting and ending point of a family holiday. It is the easiest connected with Europe and the United States. Bangkok may be a huge city which frightens most concerned parents. However, it is besides extremely safe, also incredibly child friendly. Although a walking tour around Bangkok may not be the best option. Especially when we keep the heat and traffic in mind. It is however easy enough to get around. The Thai people respect their elders and love the kids. They will always help out to make your family travel easier. From perfectly designed family hotels, to endless dining opportunities, to air-conditioned malls to cultural highlights; Bangkok surely tops our list as a family travel destination.

Hoi An

Family Travel - Hoi An

Scenic Hoi An is a quiet haven in central Vietnam that allows for a wonderful family retreat. The destination is home to convenient resorts and good hotels. It has a city center that is car free and a beach to dream of. Hoi An has been awarded a UNESCO seal. It offers the entire family a pleasant range of activities. The beautiful old town of Hoi An allows for exceptional strolls. Little café’s and bakeries and restaurants are ample to choose from. In the evening time the streets are lighting up atmospherically. Food stalls and market stands are set up and people do their exercises. You can join in any time! The beautiful beach is always a bulls eye for kids. There is even the possibility to create your own fashionable clothes and have it tailored within 24 hours.

Vang Vieng

Family Travel - Vang Vieng

Nestled beautifully between Vientiane, Laos’ quiet capital and Luang Prabang, Vang Vieng boosts stunning scenery. The sights of lime stone hills are admiring throughout the rural surroundings. An exploration by motorbike or bicycle is the absolute highlight here. It is perhaps a destination that is best suitable for families with children that are a bit older or grandparents a bit younger. Vang Vieng however offers a range of really fun activities such as tubing down the river, casual kayaking and easy caving. The facilities in Vang Vieng are good enough to accommodate a family comfortably. Vang Vieng is a perfect family travel destination for a young family with an active mindset.

Next to our picks, the top attractions and cities in our region have loads to offer families. As the number of family travelers has increased significantly, so have the facilities. Restaurants with playgrounds, hotels with play areas and more specialized guides have made it possible for families to travel longer, further and more conveniently than before. With the help of Lolei Travel, surely enough will your family be looked after safe and well!