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With roots from Switzerland, France, Germany, Holland, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Thailand, Lolei Travel’s team of travel experts is multi-cultural. We understand a great deal of our guest’s needs and know how to realize your dream holiday. Our travel experts know the destinations very well and have lived and traveled extensively through Indochina.

Our travel experts believe in the simplicity of life and appreciate the details that seem insignificant to many. We don’t just want you to see the beauty, but experience it. Through carefully created signature products and endless research, we are able to show you a different Indochina, and make you come one with nature and culture. 

Imagine enjoying a conversation with a monk about Buddhism and being blessed for your travels, or having a home-cooked meal on the grounds of an ancient temple. It may all seem like fiction and imagination, an ideal image of your holiday. But alongside the grand attractions with their thousands of visitors, these kind of activities  bring harmony and appreciation to your experience. 

These small gestures and detail to cultural interaction open up more than just the eye. A world of understanding evolves, which makes your trip more meaningful and memorable.

Our travel experts have seen and done it all. This is how we live our lives and it gives us great pride to share these experiences with you in places we proudly call our homes.

Enjoy reading about our team,
based in the head office in Siem Reap

Travel Experts

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Daniel de Gruiter

Managing Director
Daniel has an extensive background in hospitality in Southeast Asia. The past 20 years he has lived, studied and worked in China, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam and most recently in Cambodia. Daniel’s passion for travel and connecting with the local community goes beyond imagination. You can find him anywhere in Southeast Asia driving his motorcycle, looking for opportunities to improve people’s livelihoods. Daniel has worked extensively in sustainable tourism development in Southeast Asia and has been a frequent guest speaker at sustainable conferences and seminars. Lolei Travel is a statement of his love for Southeast Asia; Personalized travel with a cause.

Panha Tan

General Manager

Panha is a real Siem Reaper. He is always out exploring the surroundings of Siem Reap from sunrise to sunset. With an extensive background in operations, reservations, product development, contracting and what did this guy not do…. he has traveled all over Cambodia. For over 15 years, Panha has created packages for people from all over the world, doing it quick and efficient and using his knowledge to create amazing tailor made packages for every of his guests. Passionate, heartfelt and professionalism is what defines Panha as a person. Do not be surprised if Panha calls you during your trip and invites you for a drink. He just wants to know if you enjoyed your travels and share experiences.

Rinna Ly

Operations Manager

Rinna was born in Battambang and moved to Siem Reap in 2008 after having spent almost two decades in one of Cambodia’s most beautiful provinces. He wanted to learn from the many foreigners that reside in Siem Reap and the tourists and attended the local University in Siem Reap where he studied marketing. Rinna ended up as a baker in one of Siem Reap’s most famous bakeries. Rinna married in 2014 and during his honeymoon discovered that he had a passion for travel. When Lolei Travel offered him the position of Reservations Manager, he jumped right at it and evolved ever since. He loves his heritage and his passion for travel will keep him for long in travel, that is one thing he is sure about.

Tan Kalyan

Kalyan is one of those people who are becoming a real success story. We got to know her when she spoke little English and was still in high school. Long days of study eventually paid of for Kalyan. Working as a sous chef in one of Siem Reap’s leading restaurants, she learned to deal with pressure. She also worked at one of the more creative companies in Siem Reap and this is where she learned to think outside of the box. Kalyan continues to study English and keeps learning about accounting. She has been working hard and has developed herself as a very reliable force within our team.The attitude she brings to the office shows that sky is the limit for Kalyan.

Ms. Sievheng

Reservations Executive

Sievheng was born in Sisophon, Cambodia. She has worked in the hospitality industry for many years and started as a receptionist at a popular hostel. Here she got to talk with guests and share experiences with them, which made her curious about her own country, Together with her daughter and family she now enjoys travel around Cambodia and has a wish to visit Europe and America one day. After hearing all those stories about these places, it would be a dream to see it with her own eyes one day!

Mr. Vithaya

Travel Expert Laos

Vithaya joined Lolei travel during COVID-19, a daring time to invest your time in the tourism industry. He did it anyway and that also underlines his character. Vithaya is an enthusiastic traveler, avid photographer and an adventurer who spent greater part of his life traveling to interesting and not so well known but exciting destinations in the region of not only Laos, but all over Southeast Asia. He was born and raised in Paksan and worked his entire professional life in tourism. It was only his calling to join Lolei Travel with an aim to contribute in more depth to the tourism product in Laos and provide benefits to the local communities in Laos.

Ms. Chau

Travel Expert Vietnam

With over 20 years of experience in the travel industry, Chau is a not only a travel expert, but also a language expert speaking English and French also fluently. Her key expertise is in luxury travel, MICE and group travel, niche tourism and family travel design. Broad to say the least! Chau has worked extensively with people from around the world, understanding the different needs and cultural backgrounds needed to create suitable travel programs for every person she serves. When she is not working on travel programs herself, she is baking at home or testing new restaurants together with her family. Food is an important part of her life!

Mrs. Shwe Yee and Mr. Klaus-Dieter

Travel Experts Myanmar
A story apart, Klaus-Dieter traveled through Myanmar in 1996 and met Shwe Yee. They have been together since the moment they met and explored every corner of the country. In the beginning they traveled together. Bit by bit the family expanded and nowadays they explore unknown territories with their three daughters. The family loves to climb mountains and trek through amazing landscapes. Many of the routes that they recommend are adventurous. If Myanmar wasn’t already an adventure, rest assured that Klaus-Dieter and Shwe Yee take you even more off the beaten tracks. To the family, the biggest reward is to receive smiles from both the tourist and host.

Mrs. Wilawan

Travel Expert Thailand
For over 15 years Wilawan has arranged cultural, adventure and golf tours around Thailand. She has accompanied hundreds of visitors from all over the world to experience the wonders and rich culture of Thailand. She is one of the most dedicated people you may come across. She is dedicated to provide the best possible experience and making each visit an unforgettable experience. There is no place in Thailand she has left unexplored. Besides Thailand, Wilawan has traveled to many countries in Southeast Asia, as tour leader and privately. On each and every trip she collects valuable information she uses in her product development and knowledge she enthusiastically shares with tourists.