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For many of us, Thailand was the first country to visit in this region. Like many of you who have been to Thailand, the country immediately captivated us. It set the tone and standard for travel around Southeast Asia. The Land of Smiles is as diverse and exotic as any country in Asia. To many people who are visiting Asia for the first time, it is a real eye opener.

With the city of Bangkok being the starting point for many visitors, the tone is easily set. Unmistakable landmarks, endless shopping opportunities, well organized public transportation and some of the best hospitality in the world waits in Bangkok. The city is just one of those must see and must experience places. It is one of the most captivating cities in this region and will always surprise you. It does not matter if this is your first or tenth visit.

The iconic beaches in the south are a real attraction. Many people like to relax and cool down on a Thai beach after a few weeks of traveling around Southeast Aia. Koh Phang Nga Bay is a picturesque and fairy-tale-like landscapes with dream beaches.

More active-minded people will visit the cool mountainous areas in the north.  Gentle grey colossus-es roam the forests of the north and allow for real close encounters. Kayaking, ziplining, mountainbiking and trekking are great activities to undertake in the north. Adventure can be found around every corner!

Thailand is exceptionally friendly towards children, which makes it one of the best family destinations in Southeast Asia. Also gay travelers will find it very easy and relaxed traveling on and off the beaten track. The country is possibly one of the most gay-friendly destinations in Asia. Take a few days or a few weeks, Thailand can accommodate any of your requests no matter what your interest is!