A round in Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng Rice FieldsGoing on holiday with the family always requires full on planning. In this case our parents from Holland also came over and joined us to Laos for two weeks. My parents never had been to Laos and were looking forward to visiting the country after all my positive stories and amazing pictures. The fact that they could be with their grandchildren made it only more rewarding for them. We have young kids, 3 and 6 years old. They are used to adventure as they were born and are growing up in Cambodia. After Vientiane, we reached Vang Vieng, this quaint little town in the middle of a limestone karst landscape. The kids loved the scenery of the river and the tall mountains and my parents were overwhelmed by beauty. To get a bit deeper into the countryside, I rented motorbikes and brought my parents to places I had never been before either. The kids loved it on the bike. We met local women who wove the nicest of rugs, stumbled across little gorges where we could have a swim with the fish and met many farmers who had no problem letting us play and pose with the many different animals they had. We reached a small village and were looking for food. A small local stall could prepare some food for us, we just had to wait for the fish to be caught. We continued over dirt roads, got lost and found eventually our way again after elderly villagers pointed into different directions of where to go. We reached town around five in the afternoon and looked for a balcony where we could have some drinks and ice cream. The sun set in front of us over a beautiful landscape and created memories my parents will treasure forever, being with their grandchildren in a very special place.

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