Wherever you go in Asia, parks always seem to attract people of all walks of life, doing all kinds of activities and socialize with others. In Vietnam people love to do Tai Chi, Ballroom dancing and chit chatting. China has remarkable parks where people, especially the elderly, daily work on a long and healthy life with exercises from early morning to late evening. In Thailand people use the famous Bangkok parks for taking the kids out to play, exercise and romantic getaways between young couples. Parks are in each city a communal place where people talk about the things that make the world go round. For tourists, parks are a great place to observe local life. If markets are too crowded, too hot or too smelly for you, sitting on a park bench or in the grass is the perfect way to see the elderly dance, the younger crowds exercise and the families entertaining their children in the many playgrounds or feeding the birds or other animals that make their habitat in the parks. Having a family, we love to spend our time in a local park. The kids run around and make use of the many facilities, we sit on the grass and drink a fresh coconut while people pass by running and chatting. The pond in the central part of the park hosts many large carps in different colors, ducks and other water birds and attracts the likes of young and old. The scene is incredibly peaceful, everyone seems to get along, even on the playgrounds where the men play competitive football, volleyball or basketball. Joining one of the yoga, aerobics or Tai Chi sessions is no problem while joining a team sport activity is also no issue. The park is simply the place to be, especially in the early morning, or late afternoon when it boils over of activity!