Ao Dai is Vietnam’s traditional dress and has become the official uniform for many of the women working in hotels, resorts, restaurants, offices and even high school campuses all over the country. The elegant and stylish dresses have made a positive impact on the image of Vietnam and many western tourists have added to their “list of things to do”, a makeover and photo shoot in traditional clothing. The fun activity is best done in Saigon, with stunning pictures as a memorandum in front of the Notre Dame, or in Hoi An, in its authentic streets posing for one of the century old shophouses or the Japanese bridge. Let a Vietnamese tailor fit you the perfect clothing and a beautician will make sure that you look marvelous in every picture. And oh ya, it is not just an activity for ladies, men can just as easy tailor a perfect silk Vietnamese suit. It is the perfect occasion to make some unique family pictures, create wedding or anniversary pictures or simply make a nice souvenir for grandma and grandpa back home! And in the process, enjoy the attention of the locals passing by, who surely will appreciate your interest in their culture.