In the spirit of traveling with children, Dalat is a place that certainly fits the idea of entertaining the kids. Located about 6 hours north of Ho Chi Minh City on the way to Nha Trang, Dalat is home to some really crazy places, in a good way for that matter. The Linh Phuoc Pagoda is one of Vietnam’s most famous pagoda’s and made entirely out of debris of glass, pottery and porcelain. The nearby Crazy House is more like a mixture of a ghost-and a fairy tale house where the kids can explore the rooms and corners of the house that harbors many little secrets. The very impressive “sculpture tunnel” would be the next stop, which tells the story of the development of Dalat in a very creative and artistic way. As you might be hungry or thirsty at this time after seeing all those crazy but fun places, it would be time to sit down in the 100 Roofs Cafe. This is no ordinary cafe, to say the least. Just listen to the music, explore the amazing rooms and observe the owner taking care of his guests. Last but not least a visit to Mong Mo Hill seems inevitable after all these crazy visits. This hill is home to animals that have been collected from all over Vietnam and have some kind of deformation. A buffalo with 5 horns, a duck with 4 wings and a pig with 5 legs, where else than in Dalat will you find this?