The need for a Travel Agent

The need for a Travel Agent

Laos is often the great “unknown” between Thailand, Vietnam and China. Playing that role works perfectly for Laos. It has developed in a very slow and steady destination, primarily sustainable as well.

The high mountains of the north, the Mekong in the south and all the valleys, lakes, national parks and amazing landscapes in between make up for one of the most surprising destinations for tourists.

Laos lives in its own pace, and that is exactly what is its biggest attraction. Its natural beauty is unprecedented. You could spend weeks away from the crowds; exploring the waterfalls and trekking over trails that lead through the jungle. Together with one of our well-educated guides, an adventure through Laos will be forever a highlight in your book of life!

Length of Tour: 16 days

The tour can be extended with a visit to Northern Thailand like Chiang Mai and Rai. Also here we can arrange completely off the beaten track experiences. Another possibility to make it a 3 week tour is to add in Vang Vieng and Vientiane, the capital of Laos. Many interesting tours by bike or kayak can be undertaken in the surroundings of Vang Vieng or trekking around Vientiane.

Outline of the tour

Day 01
Arrive in Chiang Rai and check in at a resort outside of town
Day 02
Drive to the Lao border and cross into Laos. Travel to the Nam Ha National Park and start the Gibbon Experience
Day 03
Enjoy a full day trekking, gliding and experiencing the beauty of the park
Day 04
Transfer to Luang Namtha and visit several local villages and view points
Day 05
Cycle and kayak the surroundings of Luang Namtha
Day 06
Transfer to Oudomxay and observe authentic river life
Day 07
Transfer to Nong Khiaw and visit local villages and partake in a Baci Ceremony
Day 08
Transfer to Nam Et Phou Loeuy National Park, enjoy a night safari after dark
Day 08
Transfer to Nam Et Phou Loeuy National Park, enjoy a night safari after dark
Day 09
Spend a full day in the park boating and trekking and joining rangers on patrol
Day 10
Transfer to Phonsavan and admire the views along the way
Day 11
Visit the Plain of Jars by bicycle and ancient city of Muang Khoun
Day 12
Transfer through the mountains to Luang Prabang
Day 13
Cycle the area of Wat Chomphet
Day 14
Trek around Kuang Si Waterfalls and picnic in the jungle
Day 15
Enjoy a free day in Luang Prabang
Day 16
Transfer to the airport for your flight out

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  1. This indeed sounds very familiar! I gave up on online research after noticing how search engines on flight prices work. But I went completely insane when I found out how much cheating is done on Trip Advisor. There should be no trust at all to such a site. We’re very happy we worked with you guys at Lolei! All your recommendations were spot on! Cheers, Benny and Kara

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