Online_BookingIt seems so easy: booking a flight ticket online, a hotel, follow the Trip Advisor recommendations and you have a holiday booked. What a lot of people do not know is how much time is wasted online to find rates of tickets, hotels and recommendations from others. What even more people do not know is that online tickets are rarely cheaper online compared to buying them from your local travel agent, who deals with all the issues you have after the purchase. People do not know that local travel agents at the destinations are protected and receive the lowest rates from hotels, even lower than Agoda or does. And the credibility of Trip Advisor? Let us just say: when you open up a business, just spend a few hundred dollars extra to buy some reviews so you can get started in the top 5 of the Trip Advisor list immediately. Our warning may be clear: be careful what you book and where you book. Doing it by yourself is not always cheaper and the amount of time you spend researching online is better spend playing with the kids or going to the gym. Safe yourself the hassle and let the professionals take care of all your needs. This way you always have someone to rely on and someone who looks after you when you travel to far-away lands and unknown destinations. And the other big plus: you actually support an entire community of local drivers, guides, administration people and others. And with Lolei Travel, you even contribute to the development of local youth!