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The Power of Product

Having been in Southeast Asia for two decades gives you an edge over a few things. One of these things is definitely the ability to assess an activity good or bad. To us, creating a product for our clients is not something we do from behind our computers. We do the activity first, live the thrill and connect with the people before we incorporate it in our product supply.

A great tourism product sets you apart from all the others. Everyone can compete on price, but not on experience. When we set out to create something unique, we want it to unique! Even for ourselves.

Cycling for a Cause

Amazingly quiet rest stop near Phnom Bok

Keeping that in mind, we set out for a cycling tour around Siem Reap last month. Just before we were opening our new office we thought it would be nice to involve our entire team in a new cycling route that we researched for soft adventure seekers.

Living in a tourist town like Siem Reap makes us appreciate as well when we can get out for a bit. When we can get the chance to take a step back from the buses and the bustling restaurant, we gladly take that step! Even our local colleagues thought so and happily joined us on this amazing ride.

Starting at the local pagoda and making our way down to Chau Srei Vibol and on to Phnom Bok. It seems so simple, to get onto a bicycle and start riding. People forget often that months of research have been done prior to the finalization of the route. GoogleMaps, several tries in dry and wet season and multiple talks with local residents to ensure we understood the full grid of the area were part of our research.  Cycling through these villages, where no car is present, is great. Kids are waving at you, farmers look and smile. It is an experience that is true and not set up as it is in town or around the temples. Even our local colleagues enjoy the encounters we have. Tasting local delicacies and chatting with the people selling fruits and drinks.

Stopping at the moat of Chau Srei Vibol allows us to rest and become one with the environment. Seldom you get to experience such a pretty and peaceful place all to yourself. We set aside our bikes and sit in the grass. We could live life like this for a long time.

Creating Memories

Find these hidden Gems, Lolei Travel knows where!

The way we live it is the way we like to present it. And so we introduce our new cycling tour, the way we as a team enjoyed it. Creating memories on a day like this for ourselves is special. However, it is way more special if you hear your guests talking about it. Or reading feedback about their trip and the highlight being one of the activities we happen to love as well. Putting our heart into what we do has made it special. This is what we love, and this is what we like to share.

Creating such activities is something that needs knowledge and understanding. It needs energy and commitment. Cycling this trail that passes by little villages is more than just a 20km ride. It is life as it happens. Why does every house a little altar in the garden? What does that sugarcane drink taste like? How do they harvest the rice? These are all questions that are answered. Answered by participating, that is. Next time you cycle, trek or canoe with us and wonder what caused you to do that activity, just think of the joy we had creating it!



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