The Marvels of Kakku

The enigmatic Inle Lake

Inle Lake Kakku

When we set out for Myanmar, the Inle Lake was of course on our list to visit. We all know the incredible surroundings and activities of the lake. The mountains, the floating gardens, and the famed leg-rowers. The Jumping Cats pagoda may be the most unusual of all attractions. At least in our eyes it was! It all makes up for a curious character and an interesting visit. But no matter how we look at Inle, the area has a charm to it. A charm that is not easily met by other destinations.

A charm that was soon to become incredible only because of Kakku. An amazing place to visit!

Deciding for Kakku

Kakku Stupa in detail

Having seen all that activity in such a mysterious surrounding, the question is: what is next? Strolling the streets of Nyaung Schwe, a picture of Kakku captures our attention. A picture in which hundreds, if not thousands of small stupa’s rise east from the Inle Lake. Further research tells us that not many tourists head that way. That makes us believe it is the right destination to visit!

We make our way to Kakku, which is a challenging but beautiful ride through the hills of the Shan State. On the way we visit a local market. The people are besides extremely friendly also colorful. Most kids and the majority of the adults wear their facial make up. It is an art on its own. These are the moments we cherish, simply because we run into unexpected beauty. These are the experiences we love to share with you. Not everything when you travel should be written out and planned in full. Surprises can be nice at times. Living proof is Kakku!

Pa-Oh Guide in Kakku

Stupa’s of wonder

At Kakku we meet our local guide. It is a younger woman in traditional Pa-oh clothing. She joins us and explains about the stupas of Kakku. We learn that Kakku counts 2478 stupa’s to be exact. The sight of all these stupa’s row after row is impressive to say the least. One stupa rises 40m high, while another one has a full grown tree on top of it. The traditional art and architecture we see marvels in the bright sunlight. The detail of the external decoration is stunning.

We could walk for hours through this labyrinth of wonder. Across every corner and in every niche we discover something new. Having our Pa-Oh guide with us makes it all come to live as we learn with every step we take. Who thought this day would be so educational? Who thought our eyes would feast on such an incredible monument today? All because of an impulsive choice to do something on a day we were supposed to be doing nothing else than rest.

Yes, Southeast Asia keeps surprising!

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