It is no secret that people who are addicted to buying things better stay away from Southeast Asia. Not only are the products you can find on any street corner in Asia cheap, there are also so many different kinds of products on sale that you need an entire day to make up your mind what you actually want to buy. One shopping mall overshadows the other, one market out-duels the other for being the cheapest. Bangkok particularly can claim the “world’s best shopping destination”. From Platinum Fashion Mall to Chatuchak Weekend Market, naming just one of the largest clothing malls and one of the largest outdoor markets in the world. Evening stalls start to set up and line all along Sukhumvit Road and Silom until midnight. There is no end in sight. Of course is haggling part of the game. Agreeing on the first price mentioned by the seller would mean you lost the game. The art of negotiating is part of the experience and can safe you in the end a nice extra dollar for a very nice meal. End your holiday in a shopping Mecca like Saigon, Bangkok or Siem Reap if you like local craftswork, and make sure to keep some space in those suitcases!