New Phnom Penh City Tour

New Phnom Penh City Tour

Walking around the old trading quarters in Phnom Penh

With the ever increasing entrance fees that Cambodia as a country is dealing with, Lolei Travel decided to do something about it and create a whole new tour in Phnom Penh that combines some of the essential highlights with an unbelievably fun walking tour through interesting parts of town. The past, present and future are covered. With local experiences to taste and talk about, the new Phnom Penh City Tour combines it all!

As the government announces yet another increase in entrance fees to Tuol Sleng and the National Museum, the appeal of a visit starts to decline for many people. Not many people are ready to pay over USD 30.- a day to visit rather simple attractions in comparison to a highlight visit of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap. Yes, it may be steep but we are finding ways to continuously keep a visit interesting for you!

Feel the Vibe in Phnom Penh

Traffic slowly makes its way through town as I walk the lengthy Railway Station of Phnom Penhboulevards of the city. All around I see buildings that showcase flaunts of the French influence. Looking around I see the most incredible things. Pretty much the entire scene is unthinkable in any developed country. I feel I am being part of life, rather than just observing it. I get to speak to people, and get to understand the daily activities they take part in.

Not many people are taking part of that scene, and that is a shame. Being part of it is just as much fun, even much more given the countless and irreplaceable conversations that you will strike up along the way. It is easy to recognize the development in Phnom Penh. Things are happening all around. From a car it is hard to comprehend what is happening to this city, and for this country for that matter. The only way to feel what the vibe is like is to get out there. Walk those boulevards, those alleys and speak to these people. The reward is great!

Alley life

Phnom Penh houses many old parts that harbor a wealth of history. Alleys in Phnom PenhThis history is unknown to most of the regular tourists. When walking along the riverside towards the north of town, any turn left will land you in a community where anything goes. Small markets, little home industries, and local family life unfold in pleasant ways. The small alleys around Wat Phnom link back to the time when Cambodia fared well on trade with China and Vietnam.

Old catholic churches and narrow houses remind of a busy trading period, with lots of interaction and cultural exchange. At times it feels like we are walking through people’s living rooms, as the alleys get more narrow the deeper we venture into the community. It is fun, educating and definitely creates a whole different view of the city and its history. For kids and adults alike, this tour is something else to look forward to!

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