Spiritual Adventures in Southeast Asia

Lolei Travel had the pleasure and honor to welcome Jonette Crowley, a well known spiritual teacher and author from the United States to Vietnam and Cambodia with a group of 35 of her closest followers. The reason of traveling to Vietnam and Cambodia was to engage in spiritual adventures.

Together with Jonette and her group we traveled for just over two weeks a program that Lolei Travel created from scratch for Jonette and her group. The group was a mix of nationals from Sweden, Norway, Holland, Germany, United States, United Kingdom and Switzerland.

The nature of travel was “spiritual adventures”, and that is what we delivered! Kayaking on the Great Lake of Cambodia and Halong Bay in Vietnam, cycling new paths through villages in Cambodia, eating and being blessed at pagoda’s and sunset meditations amidst Khmer ruins, a year of research and planning finally came together in November.

Planning and research of Spiritual Adventures

From the beginning it was clear that Jonette wanted to support the local community as much as possible. Lolei Travel responded by diving into the local community and researching all possibilities linking to spiritual travel and meditation.

By the time we had created the program, Jonette loved it and quickly confirmed the program. Lolei Travel then
began training and preparing the local communities for the services needed for the tour program. The monks and nuns at the pagoda, the local fishermen on the lake and the farmers along our cycling routes, all had the pleasure to host and learn about the group and get a taste of hospitality.

Not only did the group enjoy their trip tremendously, Lolei Travel and partners had great fun, too. We all learned a lot along the way. And of top that we also got 35 new friends from around the globe and a whole lot more friends from Vietnam’s and Cambodia’s countryside.

To all of us; this was sustainable travel at its best! Thank you Jonette for a wonderful trip and memory!