The Marvel that Remains Angkor

The Angkor Story

The Marvel that Remains Angkor
The temples of Angkor

Even after all these years, to be able to say we live around the world’s largest religious monuments is like a fairytale. Angkor remains a marvel  to us. It is also dream to many around the world to visit.

The Khmer Empire covered between the 9th and 14th century most of the Southeast Asia map. Even though Lolei Travel is at the center of all that wonder for already 20 years, it remains fascinating to walk the trails of the ancient Khmer people. We discover time and time again the details hidden in the bas-relief of the majestic Angkor Wat. It remains a mystery filled with wonders on how they were able to construct such a tremendous structure.

With developing technology new details and facts are being uncovered on a daily basis about Angkor. Facts and know-hows about the ancient Khmer people that even the local people were unaware of until now. Scientists scan with a new laser system the area of Angkor that measures a staggering 400 square kilometer.

What has been uncovered?

The wonderful world of Angkor
Tree growing out of Angkor Temple

Many scientists and researchers already knew that Angkor was one of the most sophisticated civilizations around the 9th and 10th century. It is estimated that about 750.000 people lived in Angkor. The new laser technology named LIDAR has now uncovered how these people lived. Scientists are mapping out what Angkor looked like back in the day and the outcome is astonishing. On a journey with Lolei Travel you will see what that looked like!

The 750.000 people lived on a grid that can only be compared to that of New York City. Each and everyone of them had their own home, with a pond, its cattle and home businesses. Out of all of it nothing tangible is left these days unfortunately. All that remains is jungle and the largest religious monument in the world.

Besides having uncovered the way people lived around the majestic temples, the technology is also uncovering in a very fast pace new temples and even cities that were linked to the great temples of Angkor. One of the most recent discoveries has been made on the Kulen Mountains, where in 2015 an entire ancient city was discovered with LIDAR technology. Everything that is covered by jungle these days was once the home to an ancient people who mastered the skill of farming and construction like no other people before. Construction and rural technology like this has not be seen since the ancient Egyptian times. That must be a fascinating detail when you wander around the temples.

A look behind the scenes

Together with Lolei Travel you can take a look behind the scenes of these new developments. We listen to the scientists and meet with archaeologists to learn more about the history of Angkor. It is giving us new exciting information that is captivating our minds. It is fueling our desire to uncover more and teach you more about these incredible people.

Discovering the roots of the Angkor Empire
Further off the beaten track at Angkor

We stroll through the Angkor Museum and take a look at the conservation that archaeologists are working on. Learning what this remarkable place looked like 1000 years ago. We talk to professionals, look at newly shot footage of expeditions and listen to stories of those who were on these expeditions. It gives us goosebumps to learn about these facts. It gives us pride to be living here.

At night we enjoy a meal in one of Siem Reap’s most fascinating restaurants. Attached to the dinner we are being treated to more details and visuals of the development of Angkor. It is hard to consume all this information at once. It is mind blowing to know that the Khmer people were so far ahead of their time.

But most of all, every step taken in and around the magnificent temples of Angkor has been historic. Every step has been meaningful. It is hard to contemplate that we live in such a wonderful place with so much historic value. It is definitely something we are all proud of and want to share with you all!


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