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Why using a Travel Agent?

At your service Lolei Travel

We all know the drill before a holiday. It starts months prior to departure with the main question: Where should we go? Once that decision is made we like to dive into the Internet. We scroll for hours to look for information about the destination. Read all the reviews of hotels and restaurants and search for prices for guides, entrance fees and transportation.

Some people enjoy doing that kind of research. But what if you are time restricted and do not have the energy to put in the weeks of research to arrange your own holiday? Besides that, information on the Internet is often outdated, contradictory, and subjective to opinion. It is hard to actually form a proper image of a property or attractions when you read all these people’s opinions.

If you know what you want, list it up and send it to a certified travel agent is our advise. There are dozens of benefits to be enjoyed, of which one is having time to do other things rather than getting lost on the internet.

At your Service

The reason why you should have a Travel Agent

If you select the right travel agent, you can enjoy huge benefits. For once, everything that we as a travel agent tell you, you can hold us accountable for. We have to speak the truth, we have to give the best recommendations, and we have to ensure good quality. Those are three major points that either determine your holiday good or bad in the end.

Just imagine how easy it would be. You create a list of your wishes of what to visit, where to go, how to travel, and where to stay and just press “send”. Lolei Travel will make sure you have a reply within 24 hours back listing all of our recommendations and ideas for you to consider. You don’t like an idea or suggestion, we change it. And all you have to do is read our reply, and send through more questions if you have. Sounds pretty easy, and above all; very time and energy saving! All those hours you do not spend behind the computer you can spend playing with the kids, going to the gym, shop and dine with your family or relax on the couch!

The Extended Benefits

Relax and chill with Lolei Travel

Besides the benefits you can enjoy in saving yourself heaps of time at home, think of the incredible benefits you have at the destination. You don’t have to worry about airport pick ups, or if you like the hotel or not. You don’t have to haggle prices, be afraid that you are ripped off or spend hours searching for a trustful person who can help you arrange a tour or a transfer. All those worries are for us, Lolei Travel and all that extra time you can use to enjoy the sights with your family.

As a responsible travel agent, we make sure that you visit places, meet people and partake in activities in a responsible way. We make sure the activities are safe. There is something you don’t like? You tell us and we immediately make sure the issue is solved, within minutes. Who do you call if you arrange your own holiday? Google or TripAdvisor? We doubt they will pick up! If you are worried about the price for the services of Lolei Travel, we can only tell you that you should not. You think you “safe” money by arranging it yourself. Reality however is that you are charged tourist prices on the spot. The price you pay for your holiday will eventually be much higher than what Lolei Travel would charge you.

At Lolei Travel we believe that you should not worry about any of that. You tell us what you are looking for and we come back to you with what you want. We remain by your side throughout your trip and secure your safety, your well being, quality, and experience. That must put a smile on your face!

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