The Vineyard of Aythaya

A taste of Myanmar’s finest wineLOLEI TRAVE - Wine barrels at Aythaya vineyard  

In case Myanmar has not put enough surprises at your doorstep, we do have another one for you! As unusual as it may sound, Myanmar’s Shan State’s vineyards produce an excellent wine. Grapes like Dornfelder, Shiraz, Tempranillo and Sauvignon thrive and prosper in the Shan State. As a perfect temperature fills the air and fertilizes the soil, so do the grapes grow to perfection. German founder Bert Morsbach and cellar master Hans Laiendecker explain that they found many challenges when they planted over 3000 vines in Tauggyi. The vines were an import from Europe and it took some time to grow. But nowadays the vineyards are known throughout Myanmar and restaurants and hotels alike have its wines on the priority list.

Lords of the Vineyard

The Aythaya vineyard is highest in Asia and is located on a mountain at an elevation of 1200m. The Inle Lake is located a mere 25km away and would be a perfect extension of a visit to taste the grapes. It is possible to do an informative tour around the Vineyard. The trip will showcase the production facility, the types of grapes and of course a classyand fun tasting experience. Enjoy on the tasting overlooking the vineyard from the terrace of the property and take in the tremendous size of the property and the work required to produce a bottle of wine. The area is surrounded by mountains and allows for a very pleasant temperature and an incredible backdrop.

The taste of greatness

LOLEI TRAVEL - View over the pond at Athaya vineyard

As idyllic as it all may sound, the actual experience is just as described. Being away from the tourist hordes of Bagan or Inle or the economic bustle of Yangon and Mandalay is a break we all are looking for. The Aythaya vineyard of the Shan State surely offer the peace and quietness you would be looking for. The entire experience may seem surreal. The vineyard also have bungalows for guests to stay in. Basic yet classy and educational yet secluded, the experience of being high up in the mountains is one to cherish. Experience greatness as far as it goes in Myanmar and cheer to sunset over the valleys while sipping from one of the finest wines in the Southeast Asian region.

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